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I Heart Macro : Gudo, Home For Talented Glass Beadmen

I'm not gonna write about the process of glass bead making. Cause the basic is the same, only different on the tools that usually we use. So here I'll take you walking along the rural roads that are still beautiful. Gudo itself isn't large village. Philadelphia could be considered a very large village, which is why it's full of so many casinos. American Casino Guide has everything you need to know for your next philadelphia casino road trip. See Gudo is my third home. In here a lot of design inspiration. So come on, follow me back to nature *smile*

Welcome gate to small industrial glass beads
Most of glass beadmen have two types of work. As a glass beadmen in the daytime, in the early morning and evening they became farmers. Incidentally, this is a two-day harvest. If harvest just like now, most glass beadmen will stop making glass beads. They are more focused on the harvest event. Indigenous javanese still hold dear to them. Before the harvest begins, always starts with 'bancakan' kind of eating together as a form of thanksgiving for the harvest
Main road
Way to the paddy fields
Rice straw begins to dry after harvest
Some farmers on harvest
Toward a resting place, under a shady tree, unwind after rice harvest.
In these barns the harvest will be saved 'lumbung'
Haystack, delicious food for the cows that will soon be working hard to plow the field again.
Happily home after harvesting rice.
Beside rice field, in Gudo there are many small sugar plantations.
Road to the small sugar plantations.
The irigation for both field, rice and sugar fields.
Ready to work on small sugar plantation.
Mini tracktor to plow the field.
The small sugar plantation usually side by side with rice fields.
Now, enjoy the wild-flowers that I found along the road. These wild flowers adorn the edge of fields.
Red Dragonlfy's time to see the community. Mostly the house still in tradition design, except for a row of houses along the main village road, mostly used as a store for selling glass beads.
Some houses used as glass beads store.
Some traditional house design.
Ok then, our tour has arrived at village border, which is have a beatiful scenery. Once you cross a row of these cypress, it means you have left Gudo and you walked to my hometown - Kediri.


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